Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tokens for the carnival!

As a child, I always enjoyed going to the carnival. That is when they came to town. And you knew when they came to town, you could smell them from miles away. The popcorn, hot dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy, pulled pork and steak, gyros, and anything else you can think of. Not to mention the noise from all of the screaming children and the rides.

 One thing that never appeared at our carnivals were clowns. You had to go to the circus, once again, when it was in town, to see a clown. That's probably why I have a vague interest in clowns, the darker ones though, kind of Steven King's version. To be honest, if you want to see some of the greatest clowns, just turn on your television and watch the news, especially if they are covering politics. There is an abundance of clowns to be found there. What are your opinions on clowns? Thoughts? Comments? Snide remark? Take offense because you, yourself, are a clown? Fire away.


  1. u forgotten horse shit, elephant shit, tiger shit, animal shit in general